NCSP  Practitioner Certificate


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Learning Objectives

This NCSP® Practitioner certification program is designed to teach IT, Engineering, Operations and Business Risk professionals how to design, implement, operate and continually improve a NIST Cyber Security Framework program that will enable enterprises to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks.


NCSP® Foundation Certificate.

This Practitioner level course expands on the learning undertaken during the NCSP® Foundation Certificate course and teaches students how to apply a best practice approach to designing an enterprise risk management cybersecurity program based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Informative References and management systems. 

Following the course introduction, the course introduces the intersection between digital transformation and cybersecurity, which is followed by an overview of the threat landscape. 

With this in place, the course uses the Center for Internet Security Controls as an example of a cybersecurity “informative reference” that can be used to build capability. 

Following an approach to the implementation of cybersecurity controls, the course delves into an organizational approach to cybersecurity that starts governance, management, and a supportive culture, including an understanding of how things occur within the organization concerning three specific areas: work, communication, and improvement.

Finally, the course provides additional guidance for the cybersecurity practitioner to determine the current state, the desired state, and a plan to close the gap – and to do repeatedly to embed it into organizational DNA.

Topics covered:


  • Course Introduction

  • Digital Transformation and Cyber Security

  • Threat Landscape

  • Controls

  • Adopt and Adapt

  • Adaptive ways of working

  • Rapid Adoption (FastTrack)

  • Continuous Improvement Practice

  • Course Summary

NCSP® Pathway

Students who complete and successfully pass the associated NCSP® Practitioner Certificate exam progress onto NCSP® Specialist study and associated exams:


  • NCSP® 800-53 Specialist

  • NCSP® 800-171 Specialist

  • NCSP® ISO 27001 Specialist

Target Audience

For IT, Business and Cyber Security professionals who will play an active or passive role in engineering, operationalizing and continually improving an organizations NIST-CSF programme and those looking for a baseline knowledge of the NIST-CSF who are considering a career in cybersecurity.

Delivery Options

Self-paced, eLearning


  • 12-hour online self-study course.

Instructor led

  • 4-day virtual or in person instructor led course.